Clothing From an Islamic Perspective

Muslims must focus on their look, making certain that their clothing is clean and beautiful, especially when coping with all the others so if performing the Truth, since the Qur'a says, "Children of Adam, wear the finest clothes to every mosque." (Soorat AL A'raaf, 7:31). Allah ﷻ has allowed individuals to wear fine clothing and wear a great look, as doing this can be just [...]

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The 7 Attributes of Intuitive Business Leaders

The 7 Attributes of Intuitive Business Leaders Intuition is the new favorite expression in business, and everybody from Branson to Buffet is touting its capacity to control and direct them to more noteworthy achievement and higher benefits. Be that as it may, the comprehension of what Intuition indeed is and how it can serve us in business and life is profoundly defective. Be that as [...]

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What is Off-page optimization?

Fruitful SEO optimization should be possible through two ways. These two variables assume an essential part in running of SEO optimization. Web search tools have been running on two wheels, On the page, and Off-page factors. We have just talked about On page factors. How about we focus on off page factors this time. Off-page, SEO alludes to systems that can be utilized to expand [...]

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Basic SEO Training

Requirements None Objectives In this course we will cover On page SEO Basic SEO Basic Elements of On page Optimization Who is the target audience? Anyone interested in learning about SEO Duration 1-2 Hours Day & Timings Will be informed by Email. Fee Free Description SEO is the active practice of optimizing a web site by improving internal and external aspects in order to increase [...]

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