December 25, 1867

The 25th of December is a memorable day in narratives of history. It is the birthday of the Quaid-e-Azam; the founding father of Pakistan and an extraordinary statesman. The country will celebrate the birthday of “Baba-e-Qaum” in a befitting way. Rich tributes will be paid to the immense leader for liberating the Muslims from the dominance of the Hindus and the enslavement of the British. The whole country is obliged to the Quaid who battled against the stubborn British and the cunning ‘Banya’ and perpetrated a crushing defeat upon them. We should recall that it is a direct result of him that we are in a free independent and sovereign nation.

Our dearest Quaid was conceived in Karachi on December 25, 1867. His father was a princely businessperson. He got his preparatory education in Karachi. In the wake of passing Matriculation examination, he continued to England where he contemplated law. He passed Bar-at-law from London and came back to India. He began practicing as a lawyer and soon made his stamp as an effective lawyer. He was adored for his honesty, integrity and effectiveness.

Quaid-e-azam day

This was a period when the general population of India were struggling to win freedom from the British who were administering Hindustan against the will of the Indians. At first Jinnah, who was a supporter of the Hindu Muslim unity, joined The Congress. However, the Quaid, who was honored with piercing scholarly vision, soon understood that the Congress was working for the privileges of the Hindus. Hence, the Quaid joined the Muslim League to protect the rights and interests of the Muslims.

The Quaid’s endeavors proved to be fruitful and Pakistan came into being on August 14, 1947. The Muslims got their very own province where they could live freely as an independent and sovereign country. The Quaid worked day and night to build up and strengthen this newly conceived country.

Excess of work unfavorably influenced the Quaid’s health. His doctor exhorted him to take rest. In any case, he didn’t pay any heed to their advice and kept on working. His fragile and weak body surrendered to over-work and he breathed his last on September 11, 1948.

Quaid-e-azam day

We should remember that it is a direct result of him that we are pleased and respectable tenants of a independent country. The most ideal approach to demonstrate our appreciation to the colossal leader is to take after his standards of unity, faith and discipline and work for the advance of our country. On this notable day we should make new resolutions and new guarantees to work truly and reliably for the integrity, prosperity and solidarity of our country. In the event that we take after his footsteps, there is no motivation behind why Pakistan ought not have the capacity to accomplish the stature which our beloved Quaid had visulized.