1st Sunday of December

Sindhi Cultural Day is broadly celebrated with traditional energy to spotlight the hundreds of years old rich culture of Sindh. The day is celebrated all over Sindh, and among the Sindhi diaspora around the world. Culture day is the festival, demonstration of culture of Sindh, Sindhis in Sindh and Sindhi diaspora everywhere throughout the world celebrate this day to show peaceful personality of Sindhi culture, acquire consideration of the world towards the rich legacy, culture of Sindh. On this celebration individuals assembles in every significant city of Sindh at Press Clubs, and different places and organize different activities of Literary (Poetic) gatherings, Mach Katchehri (assembling in a place and sitting round around and the fire on sticks in the center.) Musical shows, Seminars, address projects and revives. It is likewise an image of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization.

Sindhi Culture Day

Every year Sindhis observe Sindhi Cultural day worldwide on first Sunday (First week) of De cember. On the event individuals wearing Ajrak and Sindhi Topi, traditional block printed shawl the melodic programmes and revives are held in numerous urban communities to mark the day with zeal. Major signs of cities and towns are enhanced with Sindhi Ajrak to feature the culture values of Sindh. The general population crosswise over Sindh exchange endowments of Ajrak and Topi at different functions. Indeed, the youngsters and ladies are dressed up in Ajrak, amassing at the grand gathering, where acclaimed Sindhi artists sing Sindhi tunes, which depicts peace and love message of Sindh. The melodic exhibitions of the specialists propel the members to move on Sindhi tunes and national tune ‘Jeay Sindh Jeay-Sindh Wara Jean’.

Attired in shalwar kameez and wearing Sindhi top and Ajrak, youth, ladies and kids brought out of all shapes and sizes rallies while moving on famous Sindhi melodies to celebrate the day.

All Political, social and religious associations of Sindh, other than the Sindh culture office and administrations of different schools, schools and colleges, compose assortment of events including seminars, debates, folk music programmes, drama and theatrics performances, tableau and literary sitting to mark this yearly party. Sindhi culture, history and legacy are highlighted at the occasions.

Sindhi Culture Day

Ekta (Unity) day is seen to show solidarity among the Sindhi-talking masses, the event is celebrated in Karachi, as well as all through Sindh. The province’s culture and unity day was celebrated for the first time on December 6, 2009 (as the Sindhi Topi Day) as a reaction to the remarks of anchorman Dr Shahid Masood who had criticized President Asif Ali Zardari for wearing a Sindhi top on his foreign tours. Individuals over the Sindh area censured Masood’s remarks by means of SMS, which eventually brought about the declaration of praising the Sindhi Topi Day. Ever since, Sindhi media groups have begun to celebrate the day as ‘Sindhi Cultural Day’ or ‘Ekta day’.The Sindhi language TV channels broadcast special programmes on the culture of Sindh, other than these media outlets independently orchestrate the super melodic occasions, which additionally draw in expansive gathering of people to commend the Culture Day consistently.